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11.23.20: first lab group photo

Top left to bottom right: Shaela Jalava, Jeff Wammes, Arian Sattari, Serenna Silva, Youssef Ali, Gary Guo, Keanna Rowchan, Maya Haklai, Selena Breithaupt, Gabe Elias, Michelle Cham, Audrey Henry. Absent: Majid Babaei.

11.23.20: First lab group photo

Our group has been slowly growing since we started, and now we have a reasonably large roster. In the summer, we welcomed Maya Haklai and Gary Guo as research assistants, and in September, we added Gabe Elias and Selena Brethaupt, who are completing their Honour's thesis in the lab. Also in September, five students joined, completing various directed projects in the lab - Michelle Cham, Audrey Henry, Keanna Rowchan, Arian Sattari, and Serenna Silva. More recently, Majid Babaei joined us as a software developer and programmer.

We also now have two graduate students working on exciting projects - Youssef Ali joined us in September from the University of Toronto and is in the first year of his Master's, investigating learning-related representational change. Shaela Jalava joined us this month by way of the University of Calgary and Carleton University, and will be completing her PhD, digging into questions related to the reciprocal links between mind wandering and memory.

Keep an eye on this space for updates as their projects develop!

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