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Principal Investigator

The lamp lab is directed by Dr. Jeffrey Wammes. Jeff received his B.A. from Western University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from University of Waterloo. He then moved on to complete an NSERC and a Banting SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. He joined the faculty at Queen's University in 2020, in the Department of Psychology and Centre for Neuroscience Studies.

Graduate Students

Recruiting for Fall 2023

Shaela Jalava
4th yr Ph.D., Cognitive Neuroscience

Shae completed her B.A. at the University of Calgary and her M.A. at Carleton University, specializing in eyewitness memory. She is interested in how memory is impacted during periods of mind wandering and the potential consequences of such attention lapses on memory quality.

Hala Rahman
1st yr MSc, Cognitive Neuroscience

I graduated from McMaster University with a B.Sc. in Life Science, and minor in Psychology. I am interested in studying mind wandering, specifically the impact of mind wandering on learning, and looking for objectives measures of mindwandering. In my spare time, I like to play with my cat, hike, and listen to the RHCP.

Keanna Rowchan
1st yr MSc, Cognitive Neruoscience

My research interests center around understanding various factors that influence memory. Throughout my undergraduate degree I focused onthe mnemonic benefits of drawing. Currently, I am interested in learning more about the neural mechanisms behind learning and exploring fMRI data as a tool to better understand various cognitive processes.

Undergraduate Students

Interested in getting involved?

Tasha Ignatius
4th yr, Psychology

Hi! I am currently completing my fourth year of my BScH in psychology at Queen's and am joining the lab as a thesis student this year. I will be exploring how the motor component of drawing affects memory. Outside of the lab I enjoy painting, roller skating and climbing!”

Avalon Nisenbaum
4th yr, Psychology

Avalon is in her fourth year at Queen’s University as a Psychology BScH major. She is working this year as a thesis student in the LAMP Lab. Her research interests include attention and memory.

Research Support Staff

Silvia Shiwei Zhou (she/her)
Lab manager

Silvia graduated this year from Queen’s University with a B.A.H in psychology and aminor in economics. During her undergrad, she conducted a thesis with the LAMPLab on changes in cognition underlying drawing as a mnemonic strategy. Her research interests include memory, attention, and the impact of individual differences.


Graduate Students
Youssef Ali (MSc 2022)
Undergraduate Thesis Students
Gabriel Elias (2020-2021)
Selena Breithaupt (2020-2021)
Keanna Rowchan (2021-2022)
Silvia Zhou (2021-2022)
Research Support Staff
Gary Guo (2020-2022)
Majid Babaei (2020-2022)